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National DonHwa University
Department of Business Administration


Established in 1994, the Department of Business Administration aims to nurture management professionals who have local rooting and global perspective, and who are skillful in applying information technology as well as their innovative minds.

The characteristics of the department are: a) The most comprehensive programs and multidisciplinary faculty members: The department offers all possible education programs in Business Administration, including BA, MBA, EMBA and Ph.D. Specialties of faculty members span across multiple management related areas in organizational behavior, human resources management, marketing management, logistics and decision science, etc. b) The most diversified international exchange and interaction: The department attracts regular and exchange students from many countries. This mix in nationalities and cultures leads to frequent, intimate interactions between domestic and overseas students. c) The broadest future development: With professional and yet flexible curricula, graduates are well equipped for a smooth and outstanding future, no matter whether opting for further studies or career; whether working in government, private sectors, or NGOs and NPOs; whether specializing in management, sales, market analysis, or public relation.



Direction of Development

The department is a teaching and research unit with a sound system, committed to promoting “globalization”, “informationization”, “innovation” and “localization” as long-term development goals. The relevant strategies are as follows:

International perspective

Informationized environment

Instructional innovation

Localized management


College of Management ( Room-A205)