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Under the impact of internationalization and liberalization, both the actual business operators of the enterprise or the business management education itself must have a global macro vision. In terms of goals, the medium and long-term development direction of the department is aimed at an international business vision, to improve students’ English ability and increase international experience. At present, the compulsory courses of the bachelor’s and master’s course of this department are all available in English. The department also has an international master’s program in business management. Over the years, many foreign students have studied in the bachelor’s and master’s programs of the department, and many students have gone overseas to participate in student exchange programs. Students are also encouraged to visit overseas or internships during the summer vacation. The department are also actively concluding courses or degree cooperation projects with many overseas schools. In addition, the department continues to strengthen international cooperation activities, such as inviting foreign professors and professionals to provide lecture courses or lectures, holding and encouraging teachers and students to attend international seminars.


Information technology is the main driving force that guides the progress of modern society, and it has also become a key source of competitive advantage for individuals and organizations. In order to enhance students’ and teachers’ information ability, the department continues to strengthen software and hardware equipment, establishes a database of teaching and research results, so that teachers and students can make good use of information software in teaching and research activities, as to train students for using information systems to conduct data analysis and decision-making, etc.

In terms of goals, the mid-term direction of this department is to cultivate students’ ability to obtain information and use it. For bachelor and graduate students, it will strengthen students’ ability for using the school database and Internet search engine to search for data. At present, Dong Hwa campus has provided a wide-ranging wireless network environment, and many classrooms are equipped with multimedia interactive teaching equipment. The school has also arranged multiple courses at the same time to adopt physical and online teaching methods.


In view of the rapid changes in industrial technology and business management knowledge, research and teaching must be constantly updated to meet the needs of the development of the times. In terms of research, we will encourage interaction among various curriculum field in order to achieve synchronized development. In terms of teaching, we will strive to improve the design of courses, and adopt innovative teaching methods, software and tools. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in cross-school or cross-border entrepreneurship planning competitions to improve student competitiveness.

In terms of goals, we will train students to have the management ability to cope with today’s changing environment. In addition to the improvement planning of course design, the department also continuously develops new professional elective courses (technological innovation and platform strategy, etc.). In terms of teaching methods, the case teaching is not out of trend. In addition to improving case classrooms and equipment, it also orders and manages case databases, and actively encourages teachers to use cases and cloud business simulation software for teaching (see Appendix 1-4 for details) in order to enhance students’ ability to solve management practical problems.


Under the impact of the trend of globalization and liberalization, the business environment of enterprises is bound to face drastic changes. In addition to having an international macro vision for business operations and management academic research, how to improve the localization capabilities of management practices and academic research is current urgent issue.

In terms of goals, train students to have the basic ability to enter the local industry, not only emphasizes the east industrial characteristics of the unique industries, such as tourism, agriculture, stone, cultural creativity, etc., but also emphasizes the characteristics of Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises in the course teaching. In addition, it also cooperates with the manufacturer’s counseling of the school’s incubation center, teachers not only can provide professional consultation, but also take the opportunity to lead students into management practices.